TDS and GDS Calculation


The following TDS and GDS calculation is based on the most lenders’ approval policies in Nov. 2013. If your TDS and GDS are closed to the limitations, please contact us. We will use the current policies to calculate more accurately, because different lenders use different qualifying rates.


Please Note: The Qualifying Rate is just a rate to be calculated the debts ratio by the lenders and there is no related to the real rates the lenders provide you. Most lenders use the 5 year benchmark rate of the Bank Of Canada. Click Here to check the current 5 Year Benchmark Rate (select the “Conventional Mortgage: 5-Year” under “Other Interest Rates” classification). But few lenders use lower rates to qualify the mortgage application only for some particular special terms and rates. Call to ask us for detail.


  • TDS & GDS Calculation


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