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All lenders, typically focus on TDS (Total Debts Service Ratio) or GDS (Gross Debts Service Ratio) calculation for qualifying the mortgage application. The TDS ratio is maximum to 44% for most lenders. Different lenders use different qualifying rates and TDS Max Ratios to evaluate the mortgage applications. This is why the maximum mortgage amounts are different for different lenders. Here we introduce some useful formulated online calculators:

Mortgage Payments & Income Require
*** Fill up your number instead of the numbers in the fields. DON'T change the "Qualifying Rate" unless you know the qualifying rate for specific lender.

1. The Qualifying Rate is ONLY used to qualify your mortgage application. It's not related to your actual rate!!!
2. Curent Qualifying Rate for most lenders = 5.24%
3. Few lenders use 5 Year Fixed Rate (3.09%) for qualifying
4. Few lenders use own 5 Year Posted Rate (4.25%) for qualifying
5. Different lenders use different rates for qualifying

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  • Mortgage Payment Calculation
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Here are some useful mortgage calculation links from Filogix which is the Internet mortgage system provider for most lenders and all mortgage brokers:

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