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First: Know Our Secure Web

The Entire Website is 100% Secured by 256-bit Data Encryption SSL Technology, same as the Online Banking. Furthermore, all data you fill in will be automatically transferred to our local computer and deleted on the server.  For comparing the online banking and my secured website, please read the following:  
Tips to check a website is whether secured or not: there is a “https:” instead of regular website “http:” at the beginning of the domain address, and there is a LOCK after or before the domain name address.





Second: Know How To Apply

You have 3 options to apply for our lowest mortgage rates:
  1. Apply Online: apply and submit instantly (recommended)
  2. Download PDF Form: download PDF Form to your computer, fill up, print, sign and fax to us
  3. Meet Me: call to make an appointment and meet me (0.02% rate will be increased) if you are near me.


Final: Select Appropriate Application Form And Go

Mortgage TypesDescriptionsClick To Apply
Mortgage For New Purchasefor any home purchaseApply
Mortgage For Switchfor transfer from existing bank to new bankApply
Mortgage For Refinancefor loan more amount on existing propertyApply
Mortgage For Pre-ApprovalOnly before having or purchasing a propertyApply
Commercial Mortgage Applicationfor any commercial mortgageApply
Consent Form For Credit Checkconsent to credit checkApply
Files Uploadsend documents to usApply
Mortgage Application PDF Formdownload to your computer, fill up, print, sign and fax us or bring to usDownload

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