Must Know About Mortgage


what is my best rates?


you must know YOURSELF:

Which Class You Belong to

(according to lenders’ approval policies)

Please Note

All published RATES on ANY websites, newspapers or media are for AA-Class clients, unless it’s specially mentioned.


1AA-ClassGood Credit for 2 years and good income for the mortgage amount (TDS ratio is less than 44% of total annual gross income, and GDS ratio is less than 39%/42% of total annual gross income)

TDS and GDS Calculation
2A-ClassGood credit for 2 years and income might be tight for the mortgage amount, but down payment can be more than 35%
3B-Class1. Good credit for 2 years, but income is not sufficient; or
2. Income is sufficient, but credit has problem
4C-ClassIncome is not sufficient and credit has problem

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